PSPSDK 1.0+beta2
psptypes.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  ScePspSRect
struct  ScePspIRect
struct  ScePspL64Rect
struct  ScePspFRect
struct  ScePspSVector2
struct  ScePspIVector2
struct  ScePspL64Vector2
struct  ScePspFVector2
union  ScePspVector2
struct  ScePspSVector3
struct  ScePspIVector3
struct  ScePspL64Vector3
struct  ScePspFVector3
union  ScePspVector3
struct  ScePspSVector4
struct  ScePspIVector4
struct  ScePspL64Vector4
struct  ScePspFVector4
struct  ScePspFVector4Unaligned
union  ScePspVector4
struct  ScePspIMatrix2
struct  ScePspFMatrix2
union  ScePspMatrix2
struct  ScePspIMatrix3
struct  ScePspFMatrix3
union  ScePspMatrix3
struct  ScePspIMatrix4
struct  ScePspIMatrix4Unaligned
struct  ScePspFMatrix4
struct  ScePspFMatrix4Unaligned
union  ScePspMatrix4
struct  ScePspFQuaternion
struct  ScePspFQuaternionUnaligned
struct  ScePspFColor
struct  ScePspFColorUnaligned
union  ScePspUnion32
union  ScePspUnion64
union  ScePspUnion128
struct  ScePspDateTime


#define NULL   ((void *) 0)


typedef uint8_t u8
typedef uint16_t u16
typedef uint32_t u32
typedef uint64_t u64
typedef int8_t s8
typedef int16_t s16
typedef int32_t s32
typedef int64_t s64
typedef volatile uint8_t vu8
typedef volatile uint16_t vu16
typedef volatile uint32_t vu32
typedef volatile uint64_t vu64
typedef volatile int8_t vs8
typedef volatile int16_t vs16
typedef volatile int32_t vs32
typedef volatile int64_t vs64
typedef unsigned char SceUChar8
typedef uint16_t SceUShort16
typedef uint32_t SceUInt32
typedef uint64_t SceUInt64
typedef uint64_t SceULong64
typedef char SceChar8
typedef int16_t SceShort16
typedef int32_t SceInt32
typedef int64_t SceInt64
typedef int64_t SceLong64
typedef float SceFloat
typedef float SceFloat32
typedef short unsigned int SceWChar16
typedef unsigned int SceWChar32
typedef int SceBool
typedef void SceVoid
typedef void * ScePVoid
typedef struct ScePspSRect ScePspSRect
typedef struct ScePspIRect ScePspIRect
typedef struct ScePspL64Rect ScePspL64Rect
typedef struct ScePspFRect ScePspFRect
typedef struct ScePspSVector2 ScePspSVector2
typedef struct ScePspIVector2 ScePspIVector2
typedef struct ScePspL64Vector2 ScePspL64Vector2
typedef struct ScePspFVector2 ScePspFVector2
typedef union ScePspVector2 ScePspVector2
typedef struct ScePspSVector3 ScePspSVector3
typedef struct ScePspIVector3 ScePspIVector3
typedef struct ScePspL64Vector3 ScePspL64Vector3
typedef struct ScePspFVector3 ScePspFVector3
typedef union ScePspVector3 ScePspVector3
typedef struct ScePspSVector4 ScePspSVector4
typedef struct ScePspIVector4 ScePspIVector4
typedef struct ScePspL64Vector4 ScePspL64Vector4
typedef struct ScePspFVector4Unaligned ScePspFVector4Unaligned
typedef struct ScePspIMatrix2 ScePspIMatrix2
typedef struct ScePspFMatrix2 ScePspFMatrix2
typedef union ScePspMatrix2 ScePspMatrix2
typedef struct ScePspIMatrix3 ScePspIMatrix3
typedef struct ScePspFMatrix3 ScePspFMatrix3
typedef union ScePspMatrix3 ScePspMatrix3
typedef struct ScePspIMatrix4Unaligned ScePspIMatrix4Unaligned
typedef struct ScePspFMatrix4Unaligned ScePspFMatrix4Unaligned
typedef union ScePspMatrix4 ScePspMatrix4
typedef struct ScePspFQuaternionUnaligned ScePspFQuaternionUnaligned
typedef struct ScePspFColorUnaligned ScePspFColorUnaligned
typedef unsigned int ScePspRGBA8888
typedef unsigned short ScePspRGBA4444
typedef unsigned short ScePspRGBA5551
typedef unsigned short ScePspRGB565
typedef union ScePspUnion32 ScePspUnion32
typedef union ScePspUnion64 ScePspUnion64
typedef struct ScePspDateTime ScePspDateTime


struct ScePspFVector4 __attribute__ ((aligned(16)))


float x
float y
float z
float w
ScePspFVector4 fv
ScePspIVector4 iv
float f [4]
int i [4]
float r
float g
float b
float a
SceULong64 ul [2]
SceLong64 l [2]
unsigned int ui [4]
unsigned short us [8]
short int s [8]
unsigned char uc [16]
char c [16]
ScePspFRect fr
ScePspIRect ir
ScePspFQuaternion fq
ScePspFColor fc
ScePspRGBA8888 rgba8888 [4]
ScePspRGBA4444 rgba4444 [8]
ScePspRGBA5551 rgba5551 [8]
ScePspRGB565 rgb565 [8]

Macro Definition Documentation


#define NULL   ((void *) 0)





Typedef Documentation

◆ s16

typedef int16_t s16

◆ s32

typedef int32_t s32

◆ s64

typedef int64_t s64

◆ s8

typedef int8_t s8

◆ SceBool

typedef int SceBool

◆ SceChar8

typedef char SceChar8

◆ SceFloat

typedef float SceFloat

◆ SceFloat32

typedef float SceFloat32

◆ SceInt32

typedef int32_t SceInt32

◆ SceInt64

typedef int64_t SceInt64

◆ SceLong64

typedef int64_t SceLong64

◆ ScePspDateTime

◆ ScePspFColorUnaligned

◆ ScePspFMatrix2

◆ ScePspFMatrix3

◆ ScePspFMatrix4Unaligned

◆ ScePspFQuaternionUnaligned

◆ ScePspFRect

typedef struct ScePspFRect ScePspFRect

◆ ScePspFVector2

◆ ScePspFVector3

◆ ScePspFVector4Unaligned

◆ ScePspIMatrix2

◆ ScePspIMatrix3

◆ ScePspIMatrix4Unaligned

◆ ScePspIRect

typedef struct ScePspIRect ScePspIRect

◆ ScePspIVector2

◆ ScePspIVector3

◆ ScePspIVector4

◆ ScePspL64Rect

typedef struct ScePspL64Rect ScePspL64Rect

◆ ScePspL64Vector2

◆ ScePspL64Vector3

◆ ScePspL64Vector4

◆ ScePspMatrix2

◆ ScePspMatrix3

◆ ScePspMatrix4

◆ ScePspRGB565

typedef unsigned short ScePspRGB565

◆ ScePspRGBA4444

typedef unsigned short ScePspRGBA4444

◆ ScePspRGBA5551

typedef unsigned short ScePspRGBA5551

◆ ScePspRGBA8888

typedef unsigned int ScePspRGBA8888

◆ ScePspSRect

typedef struct ScePspSRect ScePspSRect

◆ ScePspSVector2

◆ ScePspSVector3

◆ ScePspSVector4

◆ ScePspUnion32

◆ ScePspUnion64

◆ ScePspVector2

◆ ScePspVector3

◆ ScePVoid

typedef void* ScePVoid

◆ SceShort16

typedef int16_t SceShort16

◆ SceUChar8

typedef unsigned char SceUChar8

◆ SceUInt32

typedef uint32_t SceUInt32

◆ SceUInt64

typedef uint64_t SceUInt64

◆ SceULong64

typedef uint64_t SceULong64

◆ SceUShort16

typedef uint16_t SceUShort16

◆ SceVoid

typedef void SceVoid

◆ SceWChar16

typedef short unsigned int SceWChar16

◆ SceWChar32

typedef unsigned int SceWChar32

◆ u16

typedef uint16_t u16

◆ u32

typedef uint32_t u32

◆ u64

typedef uint64_t u64

◆ u8

typedef uint8_t u8

◆ vs16

typedef volatile int16_t vs16

◆ vs32

typedef volatile int32_t vs32

◆ vs64

typedef volatile int64_t vs64

◆ vs8

typedef volatile int8_t vs8

◆ vu16

typedef volatile uint16_t vu16

◆ vu32

typedef volatile uint32_t vu32

◆ vu64

typedef volatile uint64_t vu64

◆ vu8

typedef volatile uint8_t vu8

Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__()

struct ScePspFVector4 __attribute__ ( (aligned(16))  )

Variable Documentation

◆ a

float a

Referenced by pspFpuLog().

◆ b

float b

Referenced by pspFpuLog().

◆ c

char c[16]

◆ f

◆ fc

◆ fq

◆ fr

◆ fv

Referenced by pspFpuSignFloat().

◆ g

float g

◆ i

◆ ir

◆ iv

◆ l

SceLong64 l[2]

◆ r

float r

◆ rgb565

ScePspRGB565 rgb565[8]

◆ rgba4444

ScePspRGBA4444 rgba4444[8]

◆ rgba5551

ScePspRGBA5551 rgba5551[8]

◆ rgba8888

ScePspRGBA8888 rgba8888[4]

◆ s

short int s[8]

◆ uc

unsigned char uc[16]

◆ ui

unsigned int ui[4]

Referenced by pspFpuReinterpretFloat().

◆ ul

SceULong64 ul[2]

◆ us

unsigned short us[8]

◆ w

float w

Referenced by sceGuScissor().

◆ x

◆ y

◆ z

float z