PSPSDK 1.0+beta2
GuContext Struct Reference

#include <gu/guInternal.h>

Collaboration diagram for GuContext:

Data Fields

GuDisplayList list
int scissor_enable
int scissor_start [2]
int scissor_end [2]
int near_plane
int far_plane
int depth_offset
int fragment_2x
int texture_function
int texture_proj_map_mode
int texture_map_mode
int sprite_mode [4]
unsigned int clear_color
unsigned int clear_stencil
unsigned int clear_depth
int texture_mode

Field Documentation

◆ clear_color

unsigned int GuContext::clear_color

◆ clear_depth

unsigned int GuContext::clear_depth

◆ clear_stencil

unsigned int GuContext::clear_stencil

◆ depth_offset

int GuContext::depth_offset

◆ far_plane

int GuContext::far_plane

◆ fragment_2x

int GuContext::fragment_2x

◆ list

GuDisplayList GuContext::list

◆ near_plane

int GuContext::near_plane

◆ scissor_enable

int GuContext::scissor_enable

◆ scissor_end

int GuContext::scissor_end[2]

◆ scissor_start

int GuContext::scissor_start[2]

◆ sprite_mode

int GuContext::sprite_mode[4]

Referenced by resetValues().

◆ texture_function

int GuContext::texture_function

◆ texture_map_mode

int GuContext::texture_map_mode

◆ texture_mode

int GuContext::texture_mode

Referenced by resetValues(), and sceGuTexMode().

◆ texture_proj_map_mode

int GuContext::texture_proj_map_mode

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