PSPSDK 1.0+beta2
GuSettings Struct Reference

#include <gu/guInternal.h>

Data Fields

GuCallback sig
GuCallback fin
short signal_history [16]
int signal_offset
int kernel_event_flag
int ge_callback_id
GuSwapBuffersCallback swapBuffersCallback
int swapBuffersBehaviour

Field Documentation

◆ fin

GuCallback GuSettings::fin

◆ ge_callback_id

int GuSettings::ge_callback_id

◆ kernel_event_flag

int GuSettings::kernel_event_flag

Referenced by callbackSig(), sceGuInit(), and sceGuTerm().

◆ sig

GuCallback GuSettings::sig

◆ signal_history

short GuSettings::signal_history[16]

Referenced by callbackSig().

◆ signal_offset

int GuSettings::signal_offset

◆ swapBuffersBehaviour

int GuSettings::swapBuffersBehaviour

◆ swapBuffersCallback

GuSwapBuffersCallback GuSettings::swapBuffersCallback

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